About MeTele

There are not many people who like their existing television providers. We’ve come to accept that it is too expensive, there’s rarely anything good on, and it’s filled with an uncomfortable amount of advertising that most people don’t want. Yet, most of us wouldn’t trade it in for low-resolution Web video, especially on our big screen, high-definition televisions.

I started MeTele in December 2003 with new assumptions about broadcast networks that were not constrained by the limitations of cable systems or online video. It is as much about fundamental changes in viewing habits and business models as it is about sending and receiving video. A personal broadcast network creates the possibility for an open and fair system offering entirely new opportunities for people who create video programs, who watch programs, and who sponsor programs.

Imagine if any content owner with an audience had equal access to the financial rewards of broadcast television. Imagine if content owners had incentives to encourage viewers to share their programs with friends. Imagine if viewers weren’t limited to only watching programs their provider decides to show them. Imagine if viewers didn’t have to pay for thousands of programs they never watch each month. Imagine if viewers didn’t have to waste 18 minutes with irrelevant advertisements for 42 minutes of a program. Imagine if advertisers could invest their $72 billion annually in viewers rather than programs, only pay for what was seen, and have people actually appreciate their sponsorship. These are some of the things I imagined for MeTele.

The MeTele personal broadcast network offers a unique combination of technologies and business models that I believe can have the same impact as cable television nearly 30 years ago. Today there are more than 60 million households capable of broadcasting and receiving full-screen, full-length high definition video programs on the MeTele personal broadcast network. To put that into perspective, the largest cable company in the U.S. has less than half that many customers. Thirty years ago, no one imagined 24 hour news channels or music television. In the same way, the most exciting things about a personal broadcast network are the possibilities no one can imagine today.

Matthew Grecsek
CTO, Founder
MeTele Networks, LLC

MeTele is a portfolio company of Forefront Technology Partners LLC.